address already in use: bind

Hi All,

I also have the same issue and I`m using the latest version KNIME 5.2.1.
PC restart already done , but not able to find Port 51355 under netstat.
Has the port changed ?

Any ideas ?
Many Thanks

Hi @SteffenS

the port has not changed (you are using the Microsoft Authenticator I assume).

Could you try the following:

  • Click “Show advanced settings”
  • Under “Which client/app to use” set the slider to “Custom”
  • Enter cf47ff49-7da6-4603-b339-f4475176432b as the client/app id
  • Enter http://localhost:37265 (or any other port > 10000)
  • Try to login again.

This usually shouldn’t happen, but maybe there is something special about your system that prevents the node from binding to port 51355.

Cheers, Björn


Hi Björn,

that was the solution , many thanks



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