ADILT22 - Codefree Introduction to Data Science

Welcome to the thread devoted to the course “A Codefree Introduction to the Principles of Data Science”. The course introduces you to the overview of various Data Science techniques and shows how to apply them on your own data (if you have some) without coding - via the open-source software - KNIME Analytics Platform.

The course is run by Prof. Michael Berthold and a number of experienced data scientists from KNIME. The introduction lecture takes place on Wednesday, November 2 at 17:00. Following, there will be weekly sessions on Wednesdays also at 17:00. At the end we will arrange a Hackaton (lockdowns etc. permitting with beer&pizza at the KNIME offices). For more specific information, such as schedule and zoom links to the lectures, please use ILIAS.

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@Maarit I think you might have to use the permanent link to the course:,searchCourses


Dear Students,
following you question on the lecture yesterday, here is the link to KNIME Self-Paced Courses.


I have an administrative question: if we want to get the 3 credits we need to pass the L1 and L2 KNIME qualifications, right? We can do this on our own by following the self-paced course or is there a date and time when we need to take this exams?

Second, I also have a practical question: I tried the 01 exercise and I need to find out the most popular first name. I used the group by node but I can’t figured out how to configurate it. Could you please give me a hint?

Thank you! Have a nice day!

Dear @Ana_Dinu,
thank you for your question.

Regarding the certifications, we will announce a due date by which you shall pass the qualifications later on. We will also provide you with the voucher for the L2 certification. Please, do not hurry, it will be closer to the end of the course.
Please, do not try to do certifications before completion of the lecture course/self-paced courses, since if you fail you have to wait 3 months to try again.

Regarding the practical question, do you mean the exercise in the folder Data Wrangling, Parts 1 and 2 on Hub? If yes, then either you may wait for the lectures of Maarit, which will take place on
23 and 30 of November, or you can watch our videos - What’s data aggregation and Basic Aggregations with the GroupBy node and try to solve it by yourself.

I hope it is helpful!

Thank you very much!

Dear Students,
to your questions during the last lecture on recordings. I have clarified and as I said yesterday, we do not provide the video-recordings.
If somebody missed the lecture, please catch up with the slides and exercises and feel free to post any question here. The corresponding lecturer or me will help you!