Adjust number column if string column contains a specific value

Hi there! I have a relatively simple problem but I cannot find a way to solve it. I have a simple data set of amounts and then their types - debit or credit. I need the output to multiply all debit amounts by -1.
Rule Engine cannot have a mathematical operation as its result (I tried Type LIKE β€œD” => Amount*(-1) sadly), and Math Formula cannot reference string columns.

Input Example:
Amount | Type
100 | C
200 | D
300 | D
400 | C

Expected Outcome:
Amount | Type
100 | C
-200 | D
-300 | D
400 | C

One more thing. Yes, I could filter the original input at the beginning to separate D and C and then just use Math Formula to multiply the D β€œline”, and then Concatenate everything back.
However, in reality, my input file is a bit bigger with more columns which I also filter by various types and then make various calculations. Everything is done with amount being positive number, but I was wondering if I can change the debits to negatives at the end. Thanks!

Hello @ieva06,

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Usually approach is to use Rule Engine node to create new column depending on condition column (Type) populated with values needed for mathematical operation (1 or -1). Math operation (multiplication) is then done with Math Formula node.

For a one node solution there is Column Expressions node which features if else syntax and supports various operations/manipulations. See this example:



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