Adjusting timeout for the "Read PNG Images" node


I'm trying to use the "Read PNG Images" node to pull images from a web service that, unfortunately, can take a couple of seconds to generate each image. I fairly regularly get "Read timed out" errors when I call the service.

Clearly the best solution is to speed up the web service. ;-)

In the meantime, it would be very nice if I could either adjust the timeout for the "Read PNG Images" node or if there is some other way to pull images from a URL and get them into PNGCells.




You can add the system property "-Dknime.url.timeout=xxx" to your knime.ini. It defines the timeout (for all read operations) in milliseconds.

Thanks Thorsten.

That seems to have solved the immediate problem.

Would it be possible to add an option to configure that setting on a per-node basis? I don't have too difficult of a time imaging services that take 10s of seconds or longer per row, but I don't really want to set all read operation timeouts quite that high.



Yes, good idea. I will put it on the list.