Advanced Pivoting (transfer multiple changing columns into rows)

Dear community,
i initially thought, my issue can be solved easily with the pivoting node (or maybe with the group by), but unfortunately i couldn´t manage it… ;-(

I´ve this table with a lot of rows (=different material numbers) and a few columns (= with changing calendar weeks, starting week is always the current calendar week):

And the result i would need in this way:

I´ve attached the .xlsx file as well.

Knime_Pivot_use_case_question.xlsx (11.4 KB)

thanks in advance for the support / help! Your answer is highly appreciated.
best regards,

Hello @Mathias_S
I think the function() that you are trying to cover is the Unpivoting node, instead Pivoting function.

You have to unpivot your CWs columns, and retain $material-number$.



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