Advanced Table editor component

I’m trying to modify the advanced table editor component in order to reevaluate a formula that populates a column based on a value modified in the same table column.

For example changing the value Trend Upt Cy i want to re-evaluate column Fcst Upt that is made By the math formula Upt 2023*(1+Trend)

Does anyone has some suggestion about?


You would use the Refresh node to trigger the re-calculation after any new data entry / display it on the table viewer. Place the refresh node upstream of the calculations / data entry point.

If you want the table to recalculate based on data entry contained within the same table, then you would need to use a loop with the refresh button to trigger iterations. This is typically more complex than it seems. I have components that do this, but they also generate and utilize read / write log files so that changes persist and can be backed up / recovered.

Be mindful that user entry in an interactive table is not portable through copy and paste or connection changes. This also led me to the log file approach.

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Alternatively you can also split the tables. Place the interactive user input table earlier without the update column, then place the update column in a second downstream table view node (you can put it to the right of the interactive table in the UI). That way it is downstream for calcs triggered by the refresh node. Infinity easier approach.


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