advice for data visualization node

hi ı i’m new to knime analytic platform and data-science this days ı work on data visualization. ı usually using histogram. When I make the necessary settings for nodes scatter matrix , interactive histogram , histogram nodesand I close the window and open it again, my settings are lost I don’t want to make these settings all the time how can I do this

for ex :

this histogram default (column / aggregation) setting is row count and ı continuous select option to sum

I want it to look like this every time I open it

Hi @BerkayAkar,

Save the workflow that contain the node with specific configuration. Every time you need it just open that workflow and copy the node(Ctrl + C) and then past(Ctrl + V) it in your new workflow or anywhere you want.


Hello @BerkayAkar,

visualization nodes with local in parentheses (the oldest visualization nodes to my knowledge) can not save configuration. Newer visualization nodes (which can save configuration and have some other nice features) are available in following extensions - KNIME Plotly, KNIME JavaScript Views and KNIME JFreeChart.

See here a bit history about KNIME visualization nodes:



thanks for advice sir

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