Advice to parse unstructured text to table

I like to use Knime to parse unstructured text into a table as attached. I have been using VBA to perform such methods but was wondering if Knime could achieve that as well or which node can I use to do that.
I have uploaded a sample unstructured text (“Unstructured_text.txt”) and the outcome (“Final_structured_table.xlsx”)

Much appreciated for your advice.Unstructured_text.txt (224 Bytes)
Final_Structured_table.xlsx (8.5 KB)

I tried this approach by using a regex split and then a Chunk Loop Start with just the number of lines you want to have. And then collect each line. Maybe not the most elegant way but it works (if you happen to always have the exact amount of data lines that you want to collect.

There might be a more complex approach with Perl but I am not an expert, just for further reading:

kn_example_unstructured_txt_file.knwf (50.5 KB)


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