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Hello all,

I am using the AF Utility extension in the KNIME version 4.3.3 - Especially the node “Write to Excel Template” was really helpful for a few of my Workflows - it works pretty well.
I wanted to install this extension also for a colleague, but he uses 4.4.0 and I can not find this extension there.
Is there any reason? Was it deleted in the newer versions?

Thanks a lot in advance for you help.

Hi @Tinaha and welcome to the forum.

Are you certain your colleague has the correct update site enabled? You can find the update site for a particular extension by scrolling down on the extension page on the Hub (in this case AF Utility Nodes):

You will also see a link about how to activate the update site if needed.


Thanks a lot for the prompt response!

Yes we tried directly to download it under “File” → “Install KNIME Extensions” but it is not listed under “KNIME Community Extensions - Other” - as you can see on the following screenshot, this is how it looks in my version.
Does that mean, if it doenst appear there anymore, that this Extension is not “trusted” anymore?

@Tinaha you will have to add the external update site ( like mentioned in the page


But does that mean this Extension is not trusted anymore? Because before it was available in the KNIME Community Extensions and I am wondering why I can not find it there anymore.
So could it be unsafe to add the external update site?

@Tinaha maybe the developer wanted their own repository? Maybe @AnotherFraudUser can weight in :blush:

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Hi @Tinaha at least I did not change anything intentionally.
Will checkout if something broke the 4.4 version.

The extension should be available for all knime version from 4.3 onwards.

But I think the extension was always on the community experimental update site, which is disabled by default on new knime installations.

Regarding if the extension can be trusted, the source code can be found here(AF-Excel-Writer/org.anotherfraud.excel/src/org/AF/ExcelUtilities/WriteToExcelTemplate at main · AnotherFraud/AF-Excel-Writer · GitHub)
Basically implements a standard excel library into Knime.
Why experimental - this is a hobby project which covers my personal use cases I have in KNIME.
Most likely not on the same coding quality as the professional nodes :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and your explanation :slight_smile: I really love the functionalities of your developed nodes!


Hi @Tinaha,

the following steps have to be taken to see the AF-Utilities in the Extension Tab:

  1. go to the preferences:

  2. search for update sites

  3. enable experimental community extensions

then the extension should showup under Community Extensions Other:

(sorry a bit late for the detailed description)

Hope that helps


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