AF Utility Nodes and PGP

@AnotherFraudUser I recently tried your great AF Utility Nodes, especially the PGP section. It does work, thank you for that.

Although I came across a few quirks that might confuse other users but also might be easy to fix.

For once there seems to be a problem with the use of flow variables. On the configuration panel the same files show up and when you configure them it would confuse users:

If you enter the flow variables on the “Flow Variable panel” everything is fine and the node does work:

The same is true for the Decrypt node.

Then I encountered problems with the use of the knime-protocol (like knime://) at least under Windows 10. The node would not recognize the path settings.

And then it is not possible to enter a blank password. In the example the secret key does not have one. It does work if you just enter a blank though.

These are minor issues and the nodes do work as expected but maybe it is possible to fix these inconveniences :slight_smile:


Hi @mlauber71,

i’ll look into these issues - thanks for the info :+1:


Hi @mlauber71,

I think i fixed most of the issues. (just checked with the developer knime instance - will later confirm with a fresh 4.4 installation)

->Path Selection via flow variables should not be displayed (and used correctly)
->for the password you can now select a checkbox to not use any password…it still uses the blank in the background but that makes it clearer…basically you can enter any password if the keyfile does not have a protection :slight_smile:

The Knime path is still not fixed. I use the “old” default knime components for all my nodes, but I think for this I have to create something new / copy the new file selection components from a new knime node.

I’ll give an info when I get this fixed :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the info!