AF Utility Nodes no longer working on 4.7.2


When looking for Utility nodes on here, i can no longer find them. Trying to install them from 4.6 link doesn’t work as some files have been changed in the background of 4.7.2 now, so it can’t find what it is trying to update.

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Hi @ThomasRobsonPG ,

I cannot reproduce it. If I use the following update site
KNIME Community Extensions (Trusted) -

then I see the AF Utility nodes :

with the checkboxes activated like this:

Do you have the same settings? Could you provide your exact KNIME Analytics Platform version? See Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform → Installation Details → the following:

And what is your Operating System?

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Thanks and best regards

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I am on version 4.7.2 on Microsoft.

When i try to install it i am getting this error:

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Hi @ThomasRobsonPG,

so you have an issue with the KNIME 4.7.2 version?
Just confused about the

Will check later with a fresh install of KNIME 4.7.2. if I can reproduce the issue

do you have the correct update sites enabled?

at least from my side I cannot reproduce the issue :frowning:

Hi @ThomasRobsonPG,

do you have - as Gabriel suggestes here the normal update site enabled?

Best regards

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