AF Utility Nodes - Node "Write to Excel Template" isn't included in the extension (old version has overwriting issue)


I used the “Write to Excel Template” and it works as long as there’s no file to be overwritten.
The overwrite version does lead to an error:
Execute failed: Reason: Error while writing Error while saving output file …/FILENAME

There’s no network storage involved.

What I recognised is that the AF Utilities only contains the “Write To Excel Template (deprecated)”.
When I try to drag and drop the new version “Write To Excel Template” from the Knime Hub into a Knime workflow it says you have to install the Extension AF Utility Nodes first, which in the next step is not possible, because it’s already installed.
I’ve also tried to un- and reinstalling it, but the problem stayed the same.

@AnotherFraudUser - Maybe you can check this out - Grüße nach München :wink:

Hi @Stock1991,

Will try to have a look during the weekend.
Which version of knime are you using? 5.1.?

The issue with overwrite is already known (hopefully will finally update that in the next few days)
->workaround is remove the file with the knime Standard nodes before the write.

Will come back to you as soon as possible:)


Hey @AnotherFraudUser,

I wasn’t aware there’s a new Knime version. I made all updates, but it wouldn’t update to 5.1 from 4.7 within Knime.

I’m on 5.1 now, I see the new node and the old node is named “Write To Excel Template (deprecated)”.

The new node works like it should !

Thanks a lot.


with an update (and maybe replacing the node fresh from the workbanch) it should not also overwrite correctly with the (depcrecated) version :slight_smile:

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