Aggregation granularity node not found

Hi community,

I am new to Knime and I need your help, I am having trouble finding the aggregation granularity node. I tried installing it but did not find it under file → install knime extensions.

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Hi @mohamedEl and welcome to the KNIME forum !

The node you mention is a component.

To install it, one just needs to drag and drop it in a workflow from its web page. If this doesn’t work, I have uploaded here the component itself in a workflow. You would just need to download this workflow and copy and paste the component from it to your own workflow:

20210623 Aggregation Granularity.knwf (184.4 KB)

Once you ctrl-double-clic on it, you should be able to open it and see its content:

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Yes, it worked.

thank you @aworker


Hi @mohamedEl

Glad to read it worked and thank you for validating the solution :slight_smile: !

Best wishes,


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