AI.Associates Signal Processing Nodes

Trying to add the AI.Associates Signal Processing Nodes from this KNIME Hub page I receive the following error message from my KNIME AP 4.1.0


Any idea?
Thank you in advance


Hi @paobar61

there is currently a problem with the built process of these nodes. We are working on this together with the Team of AI Associates to have them as fast as possible online again.

If you urgently need them, one workaround would be to install a KNIME 4.0. version in parallel to your 4.1. In 4.0. you can still install the signal processing nodes.

Best, Iris


Thank you very much @Iris


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Hi, It does not work with version 4.1.0. I cannot find version 4.0
I am currently installing version 4.1.1. Will the problems with Windows Slider and Fast Fourrier Transform (FFT) be resolved at the Drag and Drop level?
Thank you for you help and your time…

I confirm, with version 4.1.1 Windows Slider still does not work! Impossible to use suddenly FFT for the analysis of the current of the thyristors whose harmonics I have to control

Yes, this was not fixed. We will ping the package provider another time. I hope they find a solution soon.