AI Inquiry - CrewAI, VannaAI Support


This may have been discussed or even possible with the current nodes available in KNIME and I’m still new. Does KNIME integrate or facilitate what CrewAI ( and VannaAI ( do independently as separate applications?

I would love to have that ability to stay within the KNIME environment.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


Hey @jhandatx,

To my knowledge, there is no integration out of the box similar to the tools you mention where for instance you can give a chatbot context on a database you are working on. As of now, the only integrated chatbots are K-AI (Q&A and Build).

Although, It may be possible to actually fine tune a custom chat bot created in KAP manually by feeding it information on your database and having it refer to it. Although it may not be as accurate as a dedicated tool as it will be using openAI’s API (or another provider), it can certainly perform much better when given context on the database.

Hope this helps,