all string same size

HI, is there a chance to manipulate strings in this way.

I need to have all of them long 1000 digits.

Some are already at 1000 digit, but others are 500, 756 or 997: I need that all of them reach the 1000 digit.

Convert them first into a string and then use String Manipulation node with the pad function and any value you like

Use padLeft or padRight, depending on which direction you want to go.

I need to fill the right…
But i don’t undesrtand how handle the " " (space) inside the strings: example b

string a: hjfhjdfhjdhfdjhdfjfh… (need to reach 1000)
string b: dhek eh ee ei e e…(need to reach 1000)
string c: weuyrni eirueiy weyriwv euiweriweriu weri (already 1000)

Just to be clear, you want to remove the space and then padRight? In that case, create a nested function with padRight(replaceChars(column("column1")," " ,""),20,"0")

Example B:


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