Altering the structure of a chemical compound

I wanted to use KNIME in order to change the structure of a compound having a abs(absolute) wedge to a OR1 wedge after it is read from an SDFile and then write it back to the same SDFile. Is the above action possible with the extensions. ?

Hi @Hemanthkumar, welcome to the forum.

You haven’t given a lot of details about what you’re trying to accomplish, but I’d suggest using the Feature Remover node.

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Hi @elsamuel
Does Feature Remover node support in the latest version.? If no, in which version does it support ?
To give more information on what I am trying to accomplish, I am trying to change a stereocenter configuration from ABS to OR1.


Yes, Feature Remover is supported in the latest version (4.2.3)

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Hi @elsamuel,
Thank you for all the information. Found it useful.


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