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I have a need to split time from dates. I would have used the Extract date&time node but the dates and times are in some not so great formats. So I am forced to use the cell split. But there are a lot of date and time columns. The Cell Splitter node accepts only one column at a time per node and after these splits they have to go through joins. Is there a faster way to do this? any other node ?


Please provide a sample of your dataset and an example of what you want as output.




The date formats are as follows:
2019-04-29T00:00:00.000 -> in column 1
2019-08-01 09:30:40.212 -> in column 2
2019-04-29T14:08:13.222 -> in column 3
2019-04-27T00:00:00.000 -> in column 4

From these types of date I was wondering if there was a single node where I could separate the date from the time and keep just the date. And perform this operation on all 4 columns using a single node.

Note: Each of the above timestamps are in a column of their own.

A Column Expressions node and some regex will do it.

adi’s dates.knwf (10.4 KB)


Hi there @Adiwakar,

Couple of comments:

  • If I see good columns 1,3 and 4 have same format…
  • Extract Date&Time node can only use one column at the time so you would need to use this node multiple times and that is what you want to avoid
  • Node that can modify multiple columns at once and leave only date from Date&Time format is Modify Time with option Remove time.

So if you have type columns Date&Time use Modify Time node, otherwise (they are String type I guess) you can use Column Expressions node as suggested by @quaeler. Also if not familiar with regex you can use substring function instead as your date is always contained in first 10 characters (at least from your example).




This seems to be working. Except for condition where the timestamp is missing or not present.
I tried using this
if (isMissing(column(“Col1”))!= null)
regexReplace(column(“Col1”),"\s.*" ,"");
“No Date”

But this did not work. I am getting the good old null pointer exception . Suggestions?

Whenever you use a function, take note of its documentation which is listed to the right of the function list.

isMissing returns a boolean, so it will always return something non-null.


Thanks. I see now. isMissing will return true or false which not null so it is always meeting the condition of !-null. Made the change to look for !=true. it worked. Thanks

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Hi @Adiwakar,

if there is mor than 1 column, and your samples shows the only different dat&time version, the String to Date&Time node with followed settings should help …

OK, it’s not a single node solution :sweat_smile:

Best regards



The solution provided by @quaeler is working fine but I think @Andrew_Steel has provided a more straightforward solution. To make @Andrew_Steel’s solution solve your issue, we have to select “Date” for the “New type” option and now all you want is done in a single node as you wish:



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