Alteryx to Knime spatial nodes.

Hello everyone, I started using knime a week ago and I wanted to know how I can implement Spatial processing in knime like alteryx.

The specific tools I need help with knowing same functionality as alteryx in knime.

  1. Buffer
  2. Generalize
  3. Make Grid
  4. Non Overlap Drivetime
  5. Poly-Build
  6. Poly-Split
  7. Smooth
  8. Spatial Info
  9. Spatial Match
  10. Spatial Process
  11. Trade Area

Please let me know if its possible via nodes or some extention is needed to achieve the same in knime.

Hello Ashuk,
welcome to the KNIME community :slight_smile:
We are working together with the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University to develop a geospatial extension for KNIME which will offer most of the above mentioned functionality. A preview of the nodes will be available with the December release.
We will talk about the collaboration and demo the extension at the KNIME Fall Summit in Austin.

Would you also be willing to share with us where you get the geospatial data from e.g. files (coordinate file, shape file etc.) or databases (PostGIS, Snowflake, etc.)?


Hello tobias.koetter,
Thank you for responding.
Its good to know that it will be available soon and knime does stand out because of people like you and this community.

I will mostly use snowflake to get the data and then use knime for transformation.

Thank you

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hello,@Ashuk,if you want to geospatial processing ,you can use python geopandas in knime python scripts.

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Hello @Ashuk ,
I’m happy to announce that the Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME has just been released. So hopefully node need to us Python coding anymore :slight_smile: Let us know what you think.

We will also add some example workflows on how to work with Geospatial data in databases (e.g. Snowflake and PostGIS) soon.


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