ALWAYS show vertical scroll bar in node output @ 5.x interface

Hello everyone & KNIME team,
one thing that would really save me time and mouse-clicks, and enable me to better analyze data, is if the vertical scroll bar in the node output would ALWAYS be there, and not only when I am at the rightmost edge of the data table.
I handle a lot of very wide tables, and it is frustrating to only be able to scroll some lines via mouse wheel, but to need to scroll all the way to the right to be able to “hop through the data”.
In the 4.x interface, it is a lot easier to randomly read through large data sets.

Hello @schuppius ,

thanks for reporting this problem. This is annoying and also came up internally. It will be fixed with the next release, which is planned for December (internal ticket UIEXT-917).

Best regards,