Am I too old to read R scripts?

Hello folks,
I am turning 69 next Monday. I deal with computers since Bill and Steve started their garage revolution and frankly, had never experienced any serious impairment to learn about last discoveries on the field.
However, my sight is not helping me lately, and every now and then I need to resort to magnifying glasses in addition to regular spectacles. It is not a clever way to look at a computer screen.
Is there an option to increase font sizes beyond downgrading screen resolution?


Well, not really Knime or R related, isn’t it?
But you could use a high dpi screen instead, that makes text more crisp to begin with. Then use a magnification setting on the OS level.
E.g. Win 10 Display settings, scale and layout.
Linux Gnome (and probably other desktops) have similar settings.

If that doesn’t help - then, yes, magnifier…

Good luck!

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It would be nice if KNIME could support settings that would increase the readability of nodes and code within nodes.

For R or Python snippets one way could be to copy paste the code into another editor.


Thanks docminus2 and mlauber71 for your suggestions. Actually those are the only options I use to find puctuation mistypes like [{(, but the best solution would be an option to set font size in all scripting nodes.
In these times of minorities needs assessment it could be a real benefit for visually impaired people like me.


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