Amazon DynamoDB & PostgreSQL database data extraction

Hello everybody,

I have 2 databases Amazon DynamoDB & PostgreSQL with a million rows, could you pls help me with the best flow to read and extract data without a big delay?

Many thanks in advance :raised_hands:

@serefidou welcome to the KNIME forum.

If you want to transfer data from one database to the next this example might help


Hi @mlauber71 nice to e-meet you and many many thanks for the prompt response.

Actually, I want to join the data from the 2 databases and to read the new dataset, but as the 2 databases are huge it is taking a lot of time to run the node … so I am looking for the best solution to get a samle of the joinded dataset :slight_smile:

@serefidou you could load a sample with a LIMIT statement and then collect the same data from the other database.

Speed will very much depends on your systems and your network.

You could try and do loops:

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Many many thanks for the help :blush: :raised_hands:

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