Amazon Redshift Connector

After installing the redshift connector and driver, including the host, db, user, and pw that I am certain are correct, when I execute, I get the following message:

ERROR Amazon Redshift Connector 5:1 Execute failed: Amazon Error setting default driver property values.

I then tried the Amazon Redshift legacy connector and that showed a green light. However, I can’t connect that to a DB Query Reader node and I’m not receiving any feedback (just a symbol indicating I can’t make a connection).

I can’t get past this first point. Anyone that can help debug?

Hi @lewkon,

how does your hostname look like?
In case you have something like this
you need to remove the
jdbc:redshift:// part.



The issue was that I needed to add a variable “ssl” and set it equal to true.


Good to hear that you could solve it!

Thank you for your help!

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