Amazon S3 Connection don't support Paris Region

Hello everyone,

I’m using this connectors in a production environment in AWS Frankfurt region (eu-central-1), but now need to have one staging environment with similar architecture in Paris Region (eu-west-3) and spotted that this region is missing.

Anyone know when this region will be available?

Hi Peter. Looks like we are not up to date with this new region. I’ll submit a JIRA issue right away and see if we can get it added into the next bug fix release before the summer release.

Many thanks jfalgout, I have a bit of urgency in this. :grinning:

Understood. Try the latest nightly build. The eu-west-3 region should be supported now in that build.

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Wow that would be great jfalgout… Many thanks I will try for sure :slight_smile:

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Hi jfalgout,

This means exactly what? I already tried update KNIME several times in the last days, in Help -> About Knime menu and File -> Update Knime. No updates found.

I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in Advance

Hi there!

For KNIME nightly build check this page:



Yep, needed more explanation, sorry about that. The nightly build would be a separate download that you need to do. You can’t update your current KNIME AP installation to the nightly build.

You can download the nightly build here:

As all the warnings on that page state, this is a nightly build of our development teams progress towards a release. It’s not meant for production, but is useful to try out new features/bug fixes before they are released.

Hope that helps!

Hello jfalgout,

I am having the same issue. Here’s a new S3 region cn-northwest-1 which isn’t listed in the dropdown.

One suggestion is that allowing user to manually type in the region which is not listed in the dropdown. I tried using “string input” to filling the unlisted region and hoping it will bypass the original source, but it didn’t work.


Hi Eric!

Welcome to KNIME Community Forum!

In latest KNIME version 3.7.2 this is fixed so cn-northwest-1 region is available.


Problem solved! Appreciate it!


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