Amazon s3 Node Examples broken

I have been trying to use the Amazon s3 connector node and have downloaded the example workflows.

However the example workflows don’t even run!
I haven’t changed anything, I just wanted to know how to connect to a public s3 bucket but it doesn’t do anything.
It just says the following on the ! for the node:

‘Failed to parse XML document with handler class$ListAllMyBucketsHandler’

Hi @sv,
I just discovered the error too yesterday. The error actually indicates missing credentials. We already opened a ticket for this misleading error message. Sorry you ran into that.
Do you have your S3 credentials stored in the ~/.aws/credentials file? If not you would need to configure the node an put them in there.

best regards Mareike

Hi Mareike,

Thanks for the response,it is good to know it isn’t just me!

The aws bucket I am trying to access is a public open bucket that requires no credentials. This might be also complicating the issue.

Hey @sv,
I am afraid the S3 Connector is not designed to work without a keys. If you want to download files from the public bucket you should be able to use the HTTP Connector and the URL and the Download node.
However the upload is another issue do you want to upload to the public bucket?

I will add to the ticket, that we should be able to use the connector without credentials for public buckets.

Hi @mareike.hoeger,

At this stage we only need to download. Thanks for taking the input :slight_smile:. I’ll look into the html for now until public s3 becomes available.

Alright, if it is not working let me know so we can find another workaround.