Amazon S3 to csv file read

Hi, folk Hope you are doing well.
I want to read an csv file from an Amazon s3 connection. Can anyone please help. how to do that
will appreciate if you share a sample workflow

BestUntitled Regards, Jaydeb

Hi @jaydeb91

Did you see the workflow on the Examlpe Server



Thanks ! You are great


Hi Hans, Why I can’t able go deep ,can access only 1-2 level folder. please help asap

Why I can’t able go deep , I can access only 1-2 level folder. please help asap

Hi @jaydeb91 -

Can you post a bit more information about the problem you’re having? Are there any warning or error messages being generated? Are you not able to select subdirectories within the Browse treeview of the node?

Hi, Please check attached reference.

I can access folder 1 & folder 2 , but I can’t access folder 3 to folder 6

I want to read a .csv file located in folder 6 - but when using amazon s3 file picker i can get csv file from folder 1 & folder 2. folder 3 to folder 6 isn’t visible.

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Hi there,

Are you seeing only buckets? That would indicate that chosen Region and buckets region do not match.

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Hi Ipazin,

Thanks. I have already checked that. Region has already matched. I can go till 1/2 level sub-directories not from level 5/6 sub-directories.

Hi there,

I guess you checked permissions?

Are you using Switch Role option? What is authentication method? What region?



What is switch role option? I am not aware of this.

Just for your information region is us-east-2

I can access to level 1 folder but not subdirectories. I would appreciate if you would share your skype id I can connect for this problem.

Hi there,

For more on roles in AWS check here.

Here is where you configure switching in configuration if needed.


I guess then you are not using switching? Also what authentication method are you using?

Did you check permissions on sub-folders?

Let’s keep discussion here for now.


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