AMD HIP SDK for Windows (Alternative / Addition to Nvidia's CUDA API)


AMD just recnetly announced the availability of the HIP SDK whcih should “democratize access to GPU computing”. Kind of the alternative to Nvidia’s CUDA API.

I recall this has been asked in other posts so I’d liek to bring your attention to this given the, from my perspective, better approach(es), support and sometimes free performance upgrades by AMD. Adding to this, competition will always benefit us “prosumers” and having more options to chose which GPU to buy for to some “dark data magic” actually feels quite positive.

Edit: Gamer Meld summarized it pretty nice too

The big / most important part is that the HIP API will not only support dedicated GPUs but also mobiles and APUs which substentially extends possibilities to “Knime on the go” while enjoying the sunset at the beach. Joke aside, though. However, while on a business trip or at the customer location, doing some on the fly AI training, Deep Learning etc. on a, if necessary et all, limited data set, seems a pretty viable benfit no other ETL tool seems to offer at present.


Interesting to see how AMD is trying to position itself here. Thanks for the background and suggestion!