An error occured while creating the execution

I’ve tried to deploy the workflow in
And I’m getting this error, even though, I’ve already used KNIME Platform 5.2 but I got that error. How can I fix it?

Hi @veniapputrii,

It seems you are running the workflow on KNIME Server, right?
If yes, then does the executor is a current version? Also, would you check KNIME AP version in the orginial workflow page? (under “used extensions and nodes” where it says: e.g., “Created with KNIME Analytics Platform version 5.x.x”)

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Hi @armingrudd ,
it just solved, thank you.
I followed this instructure, afterwards, I changed the Input location read from my Hub Space. which means I have to upload my data into Hub Space as well.

anyhow, is there any way the KNIME server can read data without uploading that data to the KNIME Server as I did?

best regard,

You can save the workflow with Table Reader in executed state so the data will be included in the workflow. Or if you want to read the data file with a remote connection, you can add an input “File system connection” port to the reader to do so.
Does it answer your question or I’m missing something?

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