An Interesting Bug

My friend told me about KNIME. This is a awesome Plateform.

I found an interesting Bug.

Right Click on the [ Database Reader ],there is a selection "Data from Database" to show the data.

My table is about 837,010 rows. There is a 10,000 misplace at the  "Row ID" 565,831 which should be 555,831.

But the result of the [ Value Counter ] is right. So I think it's not a big deal.


thanks for reporting this issue. It would be great if you can tell me what KNIME version, database and jdbc driver you are using.

Thanks for your help,



Thank you for your reply. You are welcome:). I like KNIME. My version is 2.10.4. Database is HANA and the jdbc driver I used is I got all the  837,010 rows from HANA to KNIME.The total number is right.


thanks for the information and I'm happy that you like KNIME. I had a look at the implementation of the KNIME Database Reader and it uses the optional getRow() method from the JDBC ResultSet interface. If the method is not implemented KNIME uses a simple counter. I have tested the Database Reader with another db (SLlite) and a table that contains 850k rows since I do not have a HANA installation available. In this scenario the result is as expected a continuous row id. So I assume the problem is related to the HANA implementation of the getRow() method.

If you would like to have a continous RowId in KNIME you can always use the RowId node with the default settings (replace RowId with <none> as column).

Happy new year :-)


Hi, Tobias

Thank you very much for your test! I reseted the connection and run the sql script again. The result is right now.So KNIME is right!

Happy New Year!