Analyse open-ended survey question

Hi, I’m new to Knime. Is there any sample template showing the workflow and nodes to use to analyse open-ended survey question? Thank you.

Hi @mochi_lover123 and welcome to the forum.

I suppose the natural followup question to you is: what kind of analysis do you want to do? Are you looking to extract topics from responses? Calculate frequencies of particular words? Determine overall sentiment of the response? Something else?

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@mochi_lover123 this could be a task for a LLM. We had an example on the forum before:

You could try and employ ChatGPT or even a local Large Language Model to extract a summary. But you will have to invest some effort and try a few prompts and models.

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Hi @ScottFincher,

This is the first time I am analysing responses to an open-minded question. It is good to be able to extract the topics from responses, calculate the frequency of words (or top 5 -10 words that appear most frequently in the responses) and the overall sentiments. Is there any available template that I can tap on?

Thank you.

Hi @mlauber71, thank you.

@mochi_lover123 KNIME has several text analytics nodes. One option would be components for automatic topic detection. You will need Rstats and a Windows system for that.

Here is my adaption. The workflows have a lot of links and articles.

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