Analyse Website User Flow


First of all I really like Knime a lot! Since I do not know a lot about it yet I have a question.

I have a table imported that looks like that: 

page_view_before / page_view / page_view_after / page_view_conversion

These basically include the URLs which I crop in a format like this: Product, Article, Set..

So I am only looking at the first folder of my URL (which tells me the kind of page and content that is underlying).

Now I want to know the following: for each folder I got I want to how often it occured, know the predecessors and how often they occured, the followers (and how often they occured) and the total amount of conversions.

Would be greate if you could just point me at the right nodes or post an example!





Hi Simon,

This sounds like a job for the GroupBy node. Select the columns that will define groups that you want to use to count.

E.g. page_view_before and page_view

Then in the aggregation choose page_view_conversion and Count.

That will give you an output that counts the number of times a user goes from page_view_before to page_view.

Hope that helps,