Analyze your Sports Data with KNIME + Strava

When passion for sport, data and technology come together, it’s time for #sport #analytics. @MoLa_Data explores how to harness the power of #KNIME to analyze and display #Strava data about his running routine on a #map thanks to #geospatial #analytics. Enjoy the data story!

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It’s a great example of how to tackle geospatial challenges in a low-code fashion :raised_hands: There are also tons of Geospatial Analytics examples on the KNIME Community Hub to help you get started with geo data:


Could the publisher please put the data in the local data location rather than on his desktop. There’s no way to rerun the workflow without access to the data. This should be a given for all posted workflows.

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Hi @rfeigel, while we wait for Angel to save the dataset in the workflow data area, you can still play with the workflow because it was uploaded “executed”. This also means that, if you need the dataset, you can use the XML Writer node to save it on your local machine and then import it back into the workflow. A little workaround :wink:.

Thanks. I know the workaround. Regardless, all posted workflows should have the data stored locally,

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