Andl Relational Algebra nodes released

The release is here:

This is an alpha release, consisting of a plugin JAR file and a ZIP of samples. There is work to do, but it should be useful even as it stands.

Please try! All feedback welcomed.

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Hi @dandl,
I am happy to hear you made good progress with the node development. Are you interested in publishing the extension on the Community update site? While it is still in development on the nightly update site, once you have a stable version we can ship that to the regular update site.


I have every intention of doing just that. I still have two nodes to create, plus a couple of features to add.

I really would like to get some feedback on work so far. How best to do that?

Hi there @dandl,

Create workflow examples covering interesting use cases and upload to KNIME Hub?


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Thanks for the response.

The release has usage samples that show how it compares to SQL. I don’t really have interesting use cases, they depend on having interesting data and interesting problems to solve. All I have is the tools to solve them. You want to make beautiful furniture? Try my hammer and chisels.

I’ll be doing a second release soon. I’ll see what I can find, but any suggestions would be very welcome.

Hi @gab1one

I now have a reasonably complete set of nodes, and they stand up to basic testing. They’re on GitHub:

I’ve built an update site: the result seems to be 4 little JARs, the biggest is about 2MB. It seems to install OK, but it doesn’t include my sample content – how do I add that?

What next?

Are you in touch with Philipp at NodePit or do I talk to them separately?

FYI: That’s me – feel free to get in touch here (or via the previous email correspondence :slight_smile: )

– Philipp

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Hi @dandl,

We can publish your extension on the community update site, I will email you regarding this today.
By publishing on the community update site your nodes are also visible on the KNIME hub ( where you can also upload your example content.

This means your extension gets a dedicated page, like this one:
And users can browse your nodes and workflows containing them.



Hi @dandl,

Great work! Your nodes are already listed and linked on NodePit since approx. two weeks. We usually keep track pretty well what’s happening in the community. I just updated your nodes to the latest version:

If you make further changes and don’t want to wait for @qqilihq or me to update NodePit, drop us a line here or on NodePit and we prioritize. Same is true regarding hosting your nodes as a first-class citizen. But when I recall correctly, Philipp already mentioned this in the past. Just let us know!

Best regards,

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