Annotating images in a separate column

Hi guys,

I have a table containing an image column, and I'd like to have an interactive way to let the user classify these images, e.g. by entering an integer number (1,2,3,4) into an empty column next to the image.

Is there a way to do this via some interactive node?

I had a look at this discussion on the forum using an R Snippet to allow entering/changing values in a table, but this doesn't allow for an image column. I also thought about using the HiLite feature in some way, but the HiLite menu is grayed out in the Image Viewer.


Any suggestions?

Thx, Jan

Hi Jan,

You can try the Active Learning Plugin, its part of KNIME labs since KNIME 3.1 and should provide you with the desired functionality. 

Take a look at the attached workflow, where I use the Active Learn Loop End's annotation view to annotate images.



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another idea is the "Hilite Collector" or editing the labeling directly with the "Interactive Labeling Editor".


Hope this helps,




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Hi @gab1one @christian.dietz

Thanks for your input. I didn't check out the Active Learning nodes yet, that exactly what I had in mind!


Thanks again, cheers,


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