Announcement: Registration open for 2017 RDKit UGM

Dear all,

I have in past years forgotten to ever post to this forum about the RDKit UGM. Not this year! :-)

The 2017 RDKit UGM will be held in Berlin (Germany) from 20-22 September. Registration, which is free, is here: Please note that spaces are limited, so if you'd like to attend, it's a good idea to register soon.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement ( with a bit more information:

This year's RDKit User Group Meeting will take place from 20-22 September in 
Berlin, Germany and is being co-hosted by Andrea Volkamer (Charité - 
Universitätsmedizin Berlin) and Gerhard Wolber (Freie Universität Berlin).

We've gotten positive feedback about what has become the standard format for 
the UGM, so we plan to stick with that for this year:
Days 1 and 2: Talks, lightning talks, roundtable(s), discussion, and 
talktorials. For those who haven’t attended before, talktorials are somewhere 
between a talk and a tutorial, they cover something interesting done with the 
RDKit and include the code used to do the work. During the presentation you'll 
give an overview of what you did and also show the pieces of the code that are 
central to the work. The idea is to mix the science up with the tutorial 
Day 3 will be a hackathon: those who choose to stay will spend an intense day 
working in small groups to produce useful artifacts: new bits of code, KNIME 
nodes, KNIME workflows, tutorials, documentation, IPython notebooks, etc. We 
will once again try to structure this a bit by collecting a bunch of ideas for 
things to work on in advance. Last year we also did extended tutorials on Day 3 
if there are volunteers to do tutorials and people interested in attending 
them, we'll repeat that this year as well.

There will also be, of course, social activities.