🐊 Announcement: Selenium Nodes 5.6 released

Been a while, :crocodile:

Today we released Selenium Nodes version 5.6 - as there‘s no v5 thread yet, here’s a summary of the more and less recent highlights to follow our traditions:

  • (5.6) Solve Image Captcha: New node to solve plain image captchas using the 2Captcha API
  • (5.5) New, highly experimental utilities for running “undetected” – install via feature Undetected Chrome Utilities. It consists of a dedicated “undetected“ Chrome WebDriver and a set of nodes: Disconnect WebDriver, Reconnect WebDriver, and Timed WebDriver Reconnect). This is beta functionality – your feedback is welcome! See this thread for more details.
  • (5.4) Click: Support further click types: Left click, right click, double click
  • (5.3) Logging: New node to configure logging for debugging and support purposes
  • (5.2) Authenticate (HTTP Basic): New node to configure HTTP Basic authentication
  • (5.1) Input License Key node as an alternative way to enter your license key if you’re not running in a GUI mode, e.g. a “Hub”, “Runner”, or “Server” without having to mess with .epf files
  • (5.1) Replace bundled Chromium with “Chrome for Testing”
  • (5.0) Network Dump Start and Network Dump End nodes to capture and analyze network traffic

For all the details please check the changelog here.

Note: The current release requires at least KNIME 4.7 – we’re currently evaluating for how long we’re going to support KNIME 4.7 and your opinion matters – if you’re deliberately not upgrading to KNIME 5.x, please let us know!

Update site URLs:

  • https://download.seleniumnodes.com/4.7
  • https://download.seleniumnodes.com/5.1
  • https://download.seleniumnodes.com/5.2

Enjoy and thank you for your support, community!


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