Announcing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2. is now available. The new version features significant user interface improvements, a smarter and more transparent AI assistant, and a modernized scripting experience with AI.

Here are the release’s biggest highlights:

  • The user interface has been significantly improved based on community feedback. It’s more convenient for both new and experienced users to find the nodes they need, navigate around the interface, surface relevant documentation, ask for help, and more.

  • The KNIME AI Assistant, K-AI, has been upgraded. K-AI is now easier to install, is trained on more KNIME-related data, shows its sources, and recommends additional functionality. K-AI also learned to code. It not only makes Python script suggestions when prompted, but can also create custom interactive visualizations, based on Apache ECharts or well-known Python libraries.

  • The scripting experience has been revamped. This release introduces a new editor with a totally modernized UI for the Python scripting node and a new Generic ECharts View node, giving you an enhanced scripting experience.

  • You can now build AI powered data apps using LLMs hosted locally or in the cloud. LLMs can be accessed from OpenAI, via Azure, from HuggingFace or locally using GPT4All.

Get details about these and other major updates on our blog.

We would like to thank the participants of our Community Hacking Days. The first edition of this event was held in November and we invited active community members to participate in a pre-release evaluation of KNIME Analytics Platform 5.2.0. We are very grateful for the time they spent helping us deliver better software to the community. The list of Community Hacking Days participants goes as below (in alphabetical order):

@ArjenEX, @DiaAzul , @HaveF, @Kowisoft, @Lelloba, @Mlauber71, @Mwiegand, @Ralphkoerse, @Rfeigel, @Sw1336, @Takbb, @TosinLitics, @Umutcankurt.

You can find all the information and download links to this release here. We would love to hear your feedback on the new features! Please use this forum thread to tell us what you like, what could be improved, and if anything is missing that we don’t have on the list of known limitations below. If you run into any problems, please follow the Bug Reporting Best Practices.



Major improvement! I still can’t figure out how to create a new workflow inside an existing folder.

Hi @rfeigel, you navigate to the folder, and then create the workflow once there


or from the “Home” screen:


I’m impressed with the improvements since 5.1.2. Particulary for the data output windows and ability to select to copy and paste (though will be thoroughly pleased when we get the column headers too :slight_smile: )

The main improvement though is the ability to reach the server.

So speaking of the server, what is the requirement to have the server version able to run workflows done in 5.2 ? Do we just update the Executor ?


I miss being able to view my outputs in multiple windows.


Hi @wpaiva

In 5.2 this is available again (kind of) although I admit I still prefer the old table dialogs as imho they are just so much more efficient in screen real estate, compactness and readability. Hopefully they’ll continue to improve.

In classic I also use a keyboard shortcut to quickly open the first view port for the currently selected node. I miss that too and I really hope they such key bindings will be possible in future.

But anyway…

You can now right-click a node and view the output tables in floating popup windows, and you can fully collapse the lower node monitor window when you don’t need it. It’s moving in the right direction.

Edit: Just saw this… :sweat_smile:


Thanks a lot!!!
Better and better!


@zedleb Copying column headers is already possible. It is just a bit to hidden, as we currently don’t yet have a context menu for the table. If you press CTRL + Shift + C (Command + Shift + C in Mac) you will get the selected cells + the corresponding column headers.



Depending on the operating system, you can also use the following shortcut

  • Mac → “⌘ N” or
  • Windows → “Ctrl + N”

At the moment it will create a workflow in the currently selected folder inside the space explorer of your active tab.
All of the currently available shortcuts are listed here in the documentation. We are also planning to add an overview that can be accessed directly in the application.


Ah, thanks @DanielBog
Didn’t even think of a keyboard shortcut !

Thanks for this @schramm
For the Workflow Editor mode I’ve just worked out that you need to press the SPACE bar plus P or T or V, that’s not so clear to me in the documentation.

Has anyone an answer to my main question ?

What do I need to do to update our Knime server to run 5.2 workflows ?

I messed up badly the last time I tried to update the server myself (not my bag!) and I think that I only need to update the Executor but need someone to confirm (I’m afraid the documentation is over my head)

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I have been a major complainer (although I hate to say that, because my feedback was so NOT constructive) but this is a big step forward.

As Michael wrote in his last newsletter, it takes a moment to get used to the new interface but once you do, you start to see advantages.

Whenever I feel the need to, I still switch to the classic interface for some special tasks but spend more and more time in the new UI.

In a nutshell: Great progress, KNIME!

Clapping Mr Bean GIF - Clapping Mr Bean Haha Ok GIFs


Hi @zedleb,

As mentioned at KNIME Product Downloads page, you can use 5.2 executor with KNIME Server 4.16.x.

If you have any issues to use 5.2 please let us know.

Much appreciating the bend points !

The ability to select all downstream or upstream nodes was really useful in previous versions. If that could be added to the right-click context menu one day… :wink:

Thanks Armin

Yes I saw that in the matrix but my question is really what do I need to do to update the Executor…

I think that I’m overcomplicating things…

I just need to update the Executor on the server the same way I do to update the local Knime AP - why did you give it such a scary name ? :rofl:

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Hello, I wanted to comment that an interesting section is needed, and it is the keys section that allows you to modify your keys for certain functions in KNIME. For example, you cannot open the table with a key or I have not been able to so far, nor can I find where to configure it, it would also be interesting if it is allowed to use the side buttons of the mouse

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This is a returning topic but it’s on the radar :wink:


I love the pop-up option, the new python script interface (with AI feature), and the way we can manipulate node strings on V5.2. @armingrudd Here are some feedback:

1. For Get/Post Request nodes the Body column which contains the JSON data is rendering like it is blank but there are data there (is a visual bug)

2. Sometimes when we click a node it automatically moves and we can’t move the node like we want (is like the node starts flashing and the way it happens is a little bit random) (this happened more often with the 5.1 version).

3. When clicking install extensions it is painfully slow to open the pop-up after we install V5.2 for the first time. Later it opens to the normal speed. At first, I thought the menu was bugged ()
Here are my PC specs (Windows 11):

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Hey @Marthael,

I can only comment on the first point. This is a bit unfortunate as the line starts with a ‘(’ but could also start with an empty new line. The problem is, that we currently don’t have an auto row height, such that the whole row would be visible. We have that on the list and will soon work on that.



Thank @Marthael for your feedback,

About point 2, there were issues in 5.1 but 5.2 is expected not to have those issue anymore. If you are experiencing the same in 5.2, would you please try to provide us with the step to reproduce?