Announcing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that the latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform is now available.

Here are the release’s biggest highlights:

  • Further improvements to the user interface that include:
    • A new workflow monitor for faster debugging
    • Hotkey support for increased accessibility
    • A revised Home tab and space explorer for easier navigation
    • Direct data visualizations in the node monitor and enhanced table view performance
  • New features to work securely with the latest GenAI advancements:
    • A new Text Chunker node to split long text in a single step
    • New nodes to access a wide-range of embeddings models on Hugging Face
    • Updated GPT4All nodes to work with the latest models like Llama 3 on your local machine
    • New integrations with Microsoft Presidio for anonymization and Giskard for model validation
  • A multi-purpose Expression node for data manipulation that lets you:
    • Work with text and numbers with the familiar ease of spreadsheet formulas
    • Carry out custom data manipulation through a simple chat with an AI assistant
    • Manipulate data easily with autocompletion, drag-and-drop expression-building, and comprehensive function documentation

Read more about these and other major updates on our blog.


KNIME Analytics Platform 5.3 must not be used as an executor on KNIME Server 4.16.x or before. KNIME Server 4.17 with full compatibility will be released soon.

You can find all the information and download links for this release here. We would love to hear your feedback on the new features! Please use this forum thread to tell us what you like, what could be improved, and if anything is missing that we don’t have on the list of known limitations below. If you run into any problems please follow the Bug Reporting Best Practices.

The KNIME Team