Another one with dark theme (many in search results unresolved)

So I Installed Knime in my laptop to work when I’m not at home. I have, xfce with dark theme and Linux mint.

My first problem is that I have a console with dark brackground and dark text, which makes it very difficult to read. I’ve tried to find how to change this in the appearance section but so far I’ve only found a setting to change font, not colors. Changing themes seems to not help either.

In some other thread someone said it maches your system colors, but which ones? My xfce terminal is properly colorized, and pretty much any other terminal emulator will be dark background with white text, or the other way around.

I can’t find any help in the documentation either.

Knime console may look irrelevant in a visual tool like Knime, but if you intend to integrate python and look for errors (pretty useful in the past with heap problems and some others) it’s actually quite necessary, and it’s very annoying to be forced to select text in order to read it.

IDK if I’m missing something,

This is what it looks like for me, no matter what theme I use:


Hi @iagovar, I can’t unfortunately point you to any solution at the moment. It might be necessary to play with eclipse configurations in order to fix it. Please let me know if you manage to crack the code!

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