another question linked to internal data


I don't manage to search for KNIME nodes using the mechanism of loading/saving internal data to recreate a node view. Can anybody help how to search for that in Eclipse?

(I have all KNIME classes as dependecies but beside browsing from class to class I could not find another way to look for the implementation of this method of single nodes)

If you cannot help with that, could you tell me which nodes use internal data? I would like to give it a look to maybed get an idea how to solve my problem.

On the other hand, I'm happy if you can give any advice to me:

My view is created using an instance of a model class (containing data to display and view settings) which is a member of the NodeModel. Now, if there are multiple views I'm facing the problem that view settings are synchronized as the model instance is the same and altering a view setting within one view window will alter the view setting within the other window.

I don't know how to uncouple them.

Could that be solved? Or is it impossible?

I know, that the internal data cannot be saved for multiple view windows but I would not care to save the view settings of the last window only.

But I would like to keep the view settings as the GUI is rather complex and it would help to keep the visual representation.

ROCNodeModel is an example for a node that uses save/loadInternals. In principle you write any kind of data into the nodeInternDir (and read from it again). The data must be available in the model, though. Also saveInternals is not called when the node is already saved but the view settings are changed. Therefore it's not a reliable way to store view settings. Persistent view settings are on the roadmap for one of the next releases.

Thank's for the hit with the ROC node. I'll give it a look.

Up to now, we saved the internal data already in the onClose()-method of the view to ensure that changed view settings are saved. So far, we did not observe any problems with that approach (beside the fact of the coupled views).

Persistent view settings are on the roadmap for one of the next releases.

That sounds nice. I'm looking forward to it.