Any examples for DL python stuffs in the KNIME 3.5

It would be very nice to know that the recent update of KNIME 3.5 included Keras.

I have tried to put some Keras codes in the DL Python Network Editor and DL python Network Learner such as

model = Sequential(), model.add(...), model.add(...),, model.evaluate(...) etc.


However, it was not clear for me to set up the Editor and the Learner exaclty.

I am wondering if there are some examples or need some help to start to use this wonderful stuff.


Thanks in advances.

Hey Thinkchem!

We'll upload a few example workflows on our example server this week. 

Sorry for the delay :-)


We just uploaded some example workflows to our example server. I hope that helps you getting started.

Dear Christian,


What a wonderful job!

I just tried to run all workflows you mentioned about Keras and figured out that all are running very well.

For me, it must be a very good starting point to delve into deep learning using KNIME platform.

If you allow me to ask more, some sophisticated model like LSTM, GAN, etc will be a good asset in terms of DL model

and some application workflows in conjunction with other KNIME nodes like object detections & countings, regression for industrial use, text mining etc would be another benifit to this open innovative society.


Anyway, I am more than happier to know KNIME has the very strong functionality and I thank you so much to all in KNIME.



Hi thinkchem,

Thanks for your kind feedback, we really appreciate it!

We will gradually add more example workflows to the example server that cover different applications beside image classification, so stay tuned :).