Any Open Source Code for New UI for Include/Exclude Columns?


I’m trying to implement a few nodes using the new node UI, and I was wondering if there is any open source code which is available for the following UI:

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @the_descension,

I poked around the KNIME repository and I believe what you may be looking for is under here:

Specifically, it looks like the UI components may be under ’ org.knime.core.ui’ → ‘js-src’ → ‘src’ → *

I am not too familiar with the code base, but I hope this helps.


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yes this is exactly the code base for the new UI-Framework. It is still work in progress, but you could already make use of it. The documentation is currently still very sparse, but we have a few examples making use of the new API already, which could help you get started. Could you elaborate a bit on your use case? If you are looking for the frontend component itself this would be the correct repository :slight_smile:



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