Any places or videos that could help me understand the email extension from Nime better?

Hello, I have been trying to learn about the Nime email node, but I am having problems with it, I’m pretty sure I’m setting it up wrong (I dont know what would be the host, the port I’m using 25 and i dont know if this is the problem or something else, but I can’t even send an email as a test before I try to put loops in it) so I would like to know if anyone knows a video or a PDF that explains the workings of this node

thank you very much for your time


Welcome to the world of KNIME.
Maybe you might have a look at Send Email — NodePit


thank you very much for your help will read up on it

Hello @Bleck,

usually, if not obvious, for configuring a certain node it’s node description should help as in it every filed/option should be explained. And regarding Send Email node configuration depends on mail provider and is confidential so no real reproducible example workflow nor videos to my knowledge. Which service provider are you using and which configuration option is troubling you?

For learning KNIME (not Nime :slight_smile: ) check out this Learning page:

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