Any suggestions that to be strong in KNIME

Hi Team,

Can anyone suggested the best way to practise or strong knowledge in KNIME.

And also which are best for to be a perfect Data Analyst?

Heavy participation in this forum is an amazing resource in itself. I am a recent KNIME adapter, but came into the platform with a solid Alteryx skillset. I have found that actively helping others is a great way to quickly develop my own skills as well. I also learn a ton by reviewing other approaches to solve the same problems. The Just KNIME it challenges are a good resource as well.

Try and build things to be as dynamically adaptable as possible to allow easier incorporating of past processes into future workflows.

If you are working towards reporting as an end goal, it helps to never lose sight that the final goal is always to simplify decision making from user’s perspective.

If you are doing process automation then think through and avoid possible errors ahead of time with viability with tests and catches.

Getting faster on the ETL side of things makes a big difference. You will start to think from a “KNIME” problem solving perspective when looking at real world problems.

Try to master the Column Expressions Node. It is a great multi-tool to lean on.


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