Any way to add multiple tabs from a single Excel Writer?

i have an excel document with multiple tabs (one per month) i want to know if there is a way to just add all of them in a single excel writer even if need a loop or do i need to have multiple?
thank you for your time

Hi @Bleck , on the excel writer node you can add additional sheets (tabs). In the Classic UI click on the “…” on the node.



In the modern UI there is a small + on the bottom left of the node when you move the mouse over it




Once added you can then configure the sheet names in the node config.

Then send your data for different “tabs” to the respective port.

The only thing with this approach is that you do need to know in advance how many sheets you need, and if this changes over time, this doesn’t really work.

The alternative would be to place the writer into a variable loop, and define a flow variable in the loop with the name of the required sheet, e.g.

In this trivial example, a sheet name column is added by a String Manipulation. You could have other (more complex?) logic to define the sheet name.

Then I am grouping the rows by sheet_name and so in each iteration, the sheet_name for the current group of rows can be written to a flow variable, and then in the Excel Writer, the config could be set to something like this:

There is no need to configure anything in the variable loop end in this example.


ok i apologize i saw a problem on my question i mean excel reader i will fix this

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OK no problem. Thanks for marking this as the solution to this question though as it may help others in future.

I edited your post title to make it clearer, and because @takbb provided a nice solution. I’ll go ahead and close your other thread as a duplicate.

Actually @ScottF , it may have been better to leave them as separate… One for writer and one for reader… Week by week,
collect the set… :wink:

Anyway @Bleck
If the sheets are all the same format then they can be extracted in a loop using this basic workflow…

Would that work for your sheets?

Oh, you’re right! I missed the distinction. Let me unlock the other thread and fix it :man_facepalming:

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