Any way to report Java heap size?

Hi folks,
I am using the Image Reader node to read a 2gb .lif file into KNIME. I have the line “-Xmx12g” in my knime.ini, allotting 12 of the system’s 16gb of ram to the heap. When I execute the Image Reader node, I almost immediately get the error
“ERROR Image Reader 0:1 Execute failed: Java heap space”

top never reports more than 15% of memory used- 2.4gb. I strongly suspect the knime.ini line isn’t actually working to increase heap space. Is there some way I can get KNIME to report heap size? Is there some reason why the ini line would not be working? Thanks!!

Hi @mattocks,
you can show the heap status with the following setting:


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Thanks Gabriel! Missed that setting in preferences. For some reason the .ini memory setting doesn’t take when I launch KNIME from its locked icon on the Ubuntu launcher/taskbar (Ubuntu 16.04), but it works fine when I start it from its directory. Strange! Thanks again for the help.


You can access it from the Memory use node in the Vernalis plugin see, or during course of node execution using the benchmark loop nodes also from Vernalis.


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