Anyway to import/use AutoCad or SolidWorks output as a shape file in KNIME?

AutoCad can output files using the following formats: *.dwg, *.dwfx, *.fbx, *.wmf, *.sat, *. stl, *.eps, *.dxx, *.bmp, *.dgn, *.iges, *.igs.

Uncertain about SolidWorks but have SolidWorks available perhaps as an intermediate way to process data

Trying to get floor plans from our facility personnel and have the images available to management personnel as a tool for management to see the complex with the ability to highlight features. Have made a simple prototype via a brute force way by taking pdf images and making shapes in tableau for each room, then based on features or attributes of the room able to highlight which rooms have those features by placing a dot or shape of various colors in the center of each room. Options for the features to be highlighted were provided to management via a set of drop down menus. Then based on x-y coordinates able to have Tableau arrange the images so that an overall perspective of 20 floors from 5 connected buildings can be viewed in total or zoomed in to a specific building or floor. Note there are websites that can provide X-Y coordinates from a pdf drawings but we are not allowed to send our floor plans to the outside. May consider buying software to provide X-Y coordinates, but would like to have input images of the floor plan or schematics automatically pulled from AutoCad for the complex is in constant modification. Also in Tableau, limited to showing the features to generally just one or two at a time. Desire is to highlight where in the room are certain elements, not just place a dot in the center of the room. Bottom line: our facilities people do not have ability to support management with interactive visualizations of the complex that someone other than a facilities technician performing offline (non-interactive), and thus was wondering what abilities KNIME has to handle shapes as a drawing or schematics.