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In the UK, we have a public website with an API which has various options of datasets to run. Some of them are in .csv format and some provide a URL (once all the parameters have been entered) for a JSON file. I have finally managed to get all the parameter codes for one of the JSON outputs and have successfully got it into Knime, though the JSON to table doesn’t really work very well (single row output with an extremely wide table; not usable).

One of the pre-loaded .csv files would work for me, but I cannot get Knime to actually read it. Can anyone suggest how I could get this to work? Thanks!

Hello @JWebb ,

could you upload a workflow so I can reproduce the issue?

Thank you,

Here are some examples from their API. These are not the specific data tables I am using, but from the same place in similar format

JSON example:

csv example:

I was looking at getting the .csv file, but the JSON would also be an option if I could get that formatting correctly.


Can you elaborate on how you retrieve the csv and exactly what makes it that you “cannot… read it” (like error message)?

Because if I open the csv link, it downloads the csv for me which, as a standalone file, is readable in KNIME.

Mine ends up looking like this:

No table, just a load of text in one field.

Have you tried reading the link directly with csv reader node?


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Oh brilliant, that works! Thank you. I was under the impression that Knime URLs were related to file paths, so I had overlooked that. All sorted :slight_smile:

thanks for marking the solution so others can find it as well.

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