api.jsonbin.io write and update json data

Hello to everyone; I would like to get your ideas and opinions about the subject I will talk about below.

1- You have converted the data you received from the workflow from the table to the json data.
2- You have written the data to your file on “api.jsonbin.io”. or you have updated. (to your json file)

Is stage 2 possible? and how do I do it with a workflow?

Note: It would be great if there is a sample workflow;)

Thank you

Any help from anyone?

I haven’t tried it - as I’m not familiar with the service - but a quick glance at their API indicates you should be able to (for example) upload JSON data to an existing bin using a PUT request with the appropriate URL and headers. So in theory this should work using KNIME’s REST nodes.


I’m researching how I can update a generated json file. But I couldn’t update with jsonbin. Could you please send me a sample? Jsonbin can create free json file (encrypted or public)

An example will help me a lot.

@armingrudd Is it possible to provide support?


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Hi @umutcankurt,

I will be back home in a few days and will be able to check your issue then.


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Hey, armin, did you get a chance to look at this?

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Would you provide a screenshot of your configurations for the PUT Request node?

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Hi Armin; @armingrudd
First of all, it would be right to write down what I did for this purpose.
I use airtable as the database, as you know, we have done a workflow that transfers most of the airtable data. But in the airtable there is a limit of 50,000 records in a single base, I had to open different bases and I opened different bases. But the bases do not have a common search integration. I decided to try jsonbin to solve it. I want to merge the json data from the bases with the airtable api and transfer the jsonbin so that I have a whole base where I can search the data in all the bans.

but I need to update the base I created on jsonbin by taking the data api over airtable periodically. The purpose of this workflow is to update the json base in the generated jsonbin.

I tried to have an example on the website there but I didn’t get a result. I would appreciate it if you help me because I don’t know much about it. I wanted to write by sending request on data knime or update. You don’t have to update the content as it can completely alter the content. can renew all.

as a result, the goal is to combine the base of the original data and search into a single base.

you can create a simple json file on jsonbin (it’s free.) and try to update it with work through knime. will help me a sample workflow.

I tried it in two different ways but it didn’t happen, of course it was an amateur experiment because I didn’t know about it.

you can experiment on this sample file
example jsonbin file url


test post

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