Append new columns to an existing database table


I have a data set in an existing table (Postgres DB) and I want to add new data with also a few additional columns: the data set to be added matches most of the existing columns in my table but I need to add a few columns coming from my new data set. Is there a way to achieve this?

I tried with the DB joiner (existing table and tmp table for my new data set) followed by the DB connection table writer but as soon as I indicate in this DB connection table writer node the name of my existing table (or the tmp table) I get with the overwrite option the error message that my existing table does not exit and with the append option that different columns do not exit.

So should I use the legacy drop table node, after writing all my existing and new data to a temp table, and then transfer the data from the temp top the new created “existing” table or is there a better way to solve my issue?

Thank you for your help and hints.


You can try to add columns with alter table statement using DB SQL Executor following by DB Merger to update new columns.


Hello @claudeostermann,

there is also DB Table Remover node you can use.


Thank you for the different hints and especially the DB Table Remover


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